Catalina Trip on 1/25/2002.

The trip started in Long Beach the night before on 1/24/2002,
with my buddies Ed and Jimbo.

The night before we were harbored right across from the Queen Mary,
and the whole place was a wonderful show of lights.
The next morning we started out at 6am and headed for ship rock right off
shore from Catalina. The rock that sticks pout of the water is
"just the tip of the iceberg". This thing goes downa dn spreads out like a
little island and all you see is the tip. The next stop was bird rock, a 20 minute
ride from ship rock. The visability was awesome, a good 80-100ft in some spots and lots of sealife.
The Boat name was the Iron Eagle, an old tug boat .....Enjoy.


The Night Before: