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Day 1

Monday July 1st
Leave San Diego, head out to:
Calico Ghost Town:
The following table of picture is from
Calico Ghost town, the Last picture is a picture of a dead baby sidewinder.
Click on any thumbnail to expand the pictures and scroll thru the gallery. Enjoy.


Death Valley Junction:

The next table of pictures are from Death Valley Junction. I stopped there to
photograph the graveyard.
There is one set of tombstone that I found a bit disturbing, if not saddening.
A father and daughter had died on the same day, from what I am not sure, but
it had to be something tragic, a car accident or something.


Zabriskie Point:

Zabriskie point was where I believe, I started my downward motion into the valley
basin of death valley. Zabriskie point overlooks some of the biggest badlands I have
ever seen, colorful, big and beautiful. They are awe inspiring.
Pictures really doesn't do this place any justice.

The Dunes:

The next table of pictures are of the Dunes next to Stovepipe wells.
Most are black and white, and some are in color. There are two pictures of me after the
hike to and from the dunes, I was exhausted from the heat.
The hike there was ok, but when the sun went down, the convection of the cool and
hot air caused the wind to start to blow, and it turned into a blast furnace.
The Hike back to the truck was a bit scarey.
After having completed my first aid training the week before,
I started noticing signs of heat exhaustion, and dizziness.
The hike there was fine, it was the increase in wind and temperature that was
starting to get to me. I had lots of water with me on the hike, but it felt like the wind
was drying me out as fast as I could drink the water in.
Needless to say I made it ok, but look at the picture of me when I got back to my
motel room, I was toast. there is also a picture of me playing the conqueror
of the desert, that was before the sun went down.
There is also a picture of the sunset looking out fromt he courtyard of my motel.