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Day 2:
Tuesday July 2nd

Day two started out by going to Rhyolite ghost town, listed are a few links with info:
Link 1:
Rhyolite Ghost Town
Link 2:
Link 3:
Link 4:
Link 5:

I headed there after breakfast about 8:30, there were no phones in the rooms
so I had scheduled a wake up "knock", but I guess I didn't hear it because I over slept.
The town was really neat, structures that were beautiful and full of history.
I would look at the pictures of the town in its hay-day, and pretend to be there for a minute,
trying to imagine standing there in the bustling streets of Rhyolite.
The ending pictures are of an artists place who
used to live there, but had passed away about 2 years ago.
Again, I photographed the town graveyard.
The pictures of that are few,
but there are a lot more there than I had captured.

The Road Warrior:

here in this table, I was goofing around, I wanted to do a road warrior theme,
and found the perfect deserted road.
A car would come by maybe every 15-20 minutes, if I was lucky.
my dog was not too happy about doing this, the ground was hot, and so was she.
She atleast let me grab a couple shots before she went to the shade of the truck
I applied a little photoshop effects to get that look of "just arriving or traveling thru" a time warp.
I actually felt at times I was traveling back in time to these ghost towns I was visiting.



Tiffany was the front desk receptionist at the motel I stayed at. She was a really cool
person and funny too.
I had to ask if she was a goth or a rock-a-billy girl. she was rock-a-billy. I wondered how
she didn't have any ink, then it happened;
I saw a little part of a tattoo peeking out from under her sleeve and asked to see it.
It was the coolest tattoo I had seen in a while.
It was Alfred Hitchcocks famous Caricature outline.