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Day 3:
Wednesday July 3rd


The ghost town of Ballarat

Ballarat was a ghost town I didn't plan on stopping in, because I didn't know about it.
I found it on the map when I was looking for directions.
I decided to stop there and look around. cool place small but still pretty cool.
While doing research on this town after I got back, I realized I had missed the cemetary there.
I now have to go all the way back just to get the pictures of that cemetary.
Not exactly sure what the fascination is with the graveyards, maybe its history,
maybe it's morbid curiosity,
either way, I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did.


The last major stop on my way home from this road trip was Trona.
I stopped there to get some chocolate and a soda, and saw the cemetary sign.
Of course I stopped.
I had chanced upon the gravekeepers burying someone.
actually shoveling the dirt on someone that had recently died.